Artifact repository done simple.

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Table of Contents
  1. Utility
  2. The Name
  3. Features
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A small website similar to the Chrome file explorer, showing two folders ‘artifacts’ and ‘files’

At work, we use the JFrog Artifactory to deploy packages inhouse, and I really liked the system. But for my taste, it does way too much for my taste, also it’s proprietary software which is hard to self host.

But in the dawn of the Zig package manager, I needed a simple way to upload and share project bundles, and I created the Zartbitter artifact repository.

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The name seems quite random, but it’s actually a simple associative chain that lead to it:

  1. The project was meant for Zig packages
  2. Zig Package Artifact Repository (ZPAR) didn’t really work well as a word
  3. Zig Artifacts? ZArtifacts? Zart!
  4. Zartbitter is the german word for bittersweet and mostly used in the context of chocolate, which kinda fits the context regarding Chocolatey
  5. Zartbitter it is.

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Another file browser showing a list of archives for different tools and games

Zartbitter is actually quite feature complete and ready to use, I just never uploaded any artifacts 🤦‍♂️.

A non-exhaustive feature list is:

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