Psi Programming Language (Ashet)


A language tailored to be compiled in a low-memory environment.

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Table of Contents
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import io;

pub fn main() u8 {
  io.print("Hello, World!\r\n");
  return 0;

Ashet OS still requires a programming language, but the switch to 32 bit made my attempts with Makeshift rather unfitting. I had more memory and more CPU power available.

Thus, I took the name of an old project, retired it and started a new, very Zig inspired language project. The goals are basically Zig, but with less fancy features. No comptime, no error unions.

I still adopted a similar error system, but functions returning an error must return potential results via out paramters.

module global;

import os;

type int = i32;
type long = i64;

var number: int = 10 + 5;

// "pub" makes this function visible outside this module (symbol visibility)
pub fn main() u8 {
    var item: u32 = math.square(10);

    os.write(os.stdout, "Length") catch {
      return 1;

    return 0;

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Right now, a good bunch of semantic analysis is done, but no code gen is implemented. The project is currently suspended until Ashet OS is in a state where one can edit text on the OS itself.

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