Item Recognition, Editing and Management

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A software I built at the Abteilung Berufs-, Wirtschafts- und Technikpädagogik of the Universität Stuttgart that can be used to handle a good bunch of the repetetive work done in quantitative research.

The tool can be used to create multiple choice tests composed of several items (questions), where questions can be shuffled, randomized, also distributed over several printed versions.

As IREM was mainly designed to drive paper-driven research at schools, workplaces and similar, it also featured a document printer that could create unique instances per printout, so you could remove bias. In combination with the document printer, a scanner service was also integrated that allowed scanning in all filled out documents, and feed them into a database.

Then, a semi-automated analysis could be performed on the items, creating statistical variables. These could then be exported into a tool of choice (Matlab, R, Excel, SPSS, …).

For this, a small data flow driven programming language was designed.