2023 Website relaunch


I recreated the whole website and it's new and shiny

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So after a long time, I decided to recreate my website. This decision was already done in late 2022, but well… personal time’s a bitch.

Thanks to Auguste Rame, I now have this wonderfully designed website, with all of the content I’ve done in the past years.

This includes not only random-projects.net but also two past iterations of masterq32.de. This is cool as I finally can present what I’ve actually done in the last years 😊

The new site is (as usual) statically generated, hand-written and has no JavaScript whatsoever. Also it will be served over Gemini and Gopher as well soon when I find the time to create the file transformations required for this.

But sadly, consider the Gemini site degraded. I will soon update my gemini webserver and will relaunch the Gemini website with the same content as on the Web. I also will add back the Gopher site in the same turn, also serving the same content.